Join us on SPOT Speaks, where parents can get help and support during the current COVID19 pandemic. 

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Meet with an Occupational Therapist and other  parents to learn at-home sensory strategies, strengthening activities, how to set daily activities, and more. 

Meet with other parents and professionals to share survival tips, frustrations, and encourage each other during this time. Best of all, these meetings are Free!

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Dear parents, 


We at S P O T, Inc., hope you are doing well, and that your family is healthy.

In light of the most recent information provided by L.A. County today (3/17/2020), S P O T, Inc. would like to let you know we are ready to provide your appointments remotely, using a secure video service. See: .


We want to inform our clients that none of us at S P O T, Inc. have traveled out of the country nor do we have any symptoms of any illness.


We are acting out of caution. S P O T, Inc. therapists travel from home to home and we do not want to risk carrying infections unknowingly from one house to another.


We do clean all our materials in between appointments with Clorox, or use the materials in your home already, and follow all Universal Precautions. However, it is felt that more restrictive measures are needed currently to prevent any potential infections related to this unique Covid-19 virus.  


Please know your child's and your family's health and safety are our highest priority. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. 



According to the CDC, close contact can occur while caring for a patient, including:

  • being within approximately 6 feet (2 meters) of a patient with COVID-19 for a prolonged period of time.

  • having direct contact with infectious secretions from a patient with COVID-19. Infectious secretions may include sputum, serum, blood, and respiratory droplets.  




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